The Voodoo Empire’s newest website, Club Voodoo has just gone live.  All the testing is done and it’s ready for people to play around.  This site offers a lot of fun features.  We’ve got a shoutbox for droppin public message, IM and video chat between people, music and video upload, custom profiles with profile songs and the ability to make profile videos if you have a webcam.  There’s a whiteboard area where multiple people can draw collaborative pictures together, an events area, a classifieds area, and other cool features.  The functionality is complete so anything that gets added will remain up there.  Changes need to be made to the appearance to make the site feel more like a Voodoo Empire product.  Also, the site focuses a bit much on dating services, and this will be deemphasized soon.  Maybe somebody can enjoy this fun website!  You don’t even have to sign up to use a lot of the features, but it sure would be cool if you did.  The sign in form asks for a bit of information, go ahead and lie, we don’t care about your info…that’s just the sofware defaults.