I started using chewy.com a while ago, after one of my cats got put on some expensive, prescription cat food. I noticed that they had it about $5 cheaper than anyone else. I also set up auto ship after a few months, once I figured out how fast my cats ate the food. One less thing to worry about, amiright? Fast forward a few months when I checked to see if they carried cat litter, they did. I frickin’ hated running for litter. I know it sounds like a dumb problem, but we do all our shopping at Kroger right around the corner. But Meijer sells litter for something like $4 cheaper. It was worth the extra trip to save, but annoying. Well, Chewy had the litter at the same price as Meijer.

Now, if that was all I had to say, I wouldn’t be writing this post. Yaaaay saved $8 online on pet stuff is a pretty lame post.

When companies go out of their way on customer service, I like to publicly thank them. I also like everyone to know so they can consider using the same company. Everyone likes to be treated well! This isn’t an advertising post, I’m not an affiliate, Chewy has no idea I”m writing this. I’m just damn happy!

A couple weeks ago, my auto ship order got sent out. I’ve now got it set to one big bad of that expensive cat food, and 2 buckets of litter. I got the FedEx shipping notice, then a notice that my items couldn’t be delivered and were returned to sender. Then another notice that my items were on the way. Then I got another email from Chewy that my order was on the way, and another FedEx notice. I was pretty confused until everything showed up and I sorted it out.

My original order had gotten damaged in shipping. One litter container was a goner. The other was fine. The cat food bag got punctured so that the air was let out of it, but the food was still there, just a little pinhole. FedEx tried to return to sender damaged and Chewy had them send what was left of that order to me. Then they sent me a duplicate of my original order at no cost. No bitching on my end, no phone calls; hell, I didn’t even know it happened before they made it more than right.

So yeah, it’s good to see a company do right by their customers and I just wanted to pass that along!