I really didn’t think I was going to be able to beat my 2015 cycling total mileage in 2016. I was not able to get nearly as many rides done with all the other life stuff that was going on. The year started out really slow… it kind of kept going like that but once I got to the warm weather, I was able to do longer rides. I really want to try to crank out some longer indoor rides in 2017, but we shall see. I just haven’t had the patience to do much more than 20 miles at a time on the trainer.

Now, check out them stats, will ya? IN 2015 I rode 4628 miles and in 2016 I pulled 4632. I beat my last year by 4 miles!!! The great part is that I did a 50km ride on New Year’s Eve, so I met my goal of besting last year at the last possible moment!

I think the cool part of those stats though, is that in 2015 I rode an even 200 rides and in 2016 I only rode 135 rides. I managed to beat my mileage with far fewer rides. It’s because I pulled my average ride distance up from 23 miles per ride to 34 miles. So basically, every time I get on my bike, I ride at least 34 miles. In reality, for nearly 6 months of the year, I’m indoors… I rarely go over 20 miles indoors. But I make up for that when it’s warm out because this past year I rode a century almost every week – one week I rode 3 of them. That adds up!

Now the crappy stat is in that last column. It took me nearly 10 more hours to ride nearly the same distance this past year. My average speed went down and that sucks. Part of that is due to the longer rides, of course, I don’t want to push hard speeds on those long rides and risk not being able to finish. But I do need to work on bringing up my speed this year.

So, there we go. In 2017, I need to beat 2016 for overall distance while bringing up my average speed. What do you guys have planned for 2017?