Traffic has been a bit slow lately on my sites. School and work keep getting in the way. I have a month off of school, and I will be getting you some great music. But in the mean time, you need to eat! Those of us intimate with the local music scene like to support all things local, am I right? Might I recommend you give Burger Bar 419 a go? They are looking to get themselves up to 3000 fans, and they are pretty close – so if you are Facebook inclined, why not help them reach their goal?

Mrs. Yeo and I have visited a couple of times now, and we intend to keep going back. There is a lot of amazing food on the menu. Now I always start out with some marrow bones… so good I can’t even describe it. The burgers are fantastic, I’m always hopping around the menu. And they have some adult shakes that are to die for – the bourbon bacon shake is my current fave, the Jim Beam ginger float is crazy good. I plan to try out the crunchberry shake next time we are there.

And beyond the delicious food is the decor. The place is crazy cozy to start, and they have great artwork on the walls from local artists – and you can buy up any of the art right off of the wall. That’s a cool way to support local! We usually go there at lunch, and the service is always great, super friendly! They take pride in what they are doing, we’ve been able to chat with the owner each time we were there. All in all, it’s a great local place, I hope to see it succeed so that I always have a great local burger joint to hit! Check it out, let me know what you think!