I got the call on Friday that my bike was ready for pickup from the shop. After deciding that simply riding the bike home from the shop was the easiest way to get it, I had my wife drop me off at the shop Saturday morning. For the most part, the ride completely sucked, lol!!! It wasn’t ideal riding weather, there was a 25mph headwind with a 22 degree F wind chill. But besides that, everything was great! I can tell that the bike is amazing. I took her out a second time on Sunday, it was still breezy, it was still cold, and I’m completely out of shape. But my average speed is already up a couple of mph from where I was at my best on my old bike. Give me a month to get used to the tiny seat and to get back into riding shape and let’s see where my stats are. I think this is going to be a great cycling year!