Recently the Rev. and Ankhjii decided to get a little away time.  We heard rumours about the Belamere Suites in Perrysburg.  Simply put an amazing time was had.

First off, one can totally leave the world.  When one arrives, they are given a garage door opener at check-in.  You simply park your car in the garage attached to your suite and never have to see the world again.  The suite has no windows, so you never have to deal with the daylight.  They tell you that the front desk will take care of everything.  That was definately put to the test.  We called many times for new towels, coffee, food, etc.  And every time the things we needed were delivered right to our door.

The room itself was quite cool.  Giant bed, decent size TV (which we didn’t really use), huge glass block 2 person shower (bigger than the Rev.’s entire bathroom), fireplace, giant Jacuzzi, and the coolest thing would be our own private pool in the room.  And of course we had to decorate the place to fit us, so we brought along all of our party lights.

Just down the street from the Belamere is Levis Commons, with the Nagoya Restaurant at the very back.  The only time we left the room was for dinner at Nagoya.  The food there was plain killer.  We started off with some sashimi, and the Reverend was finally able to satisfy a life goal.  To have Kobe Beef, and yes, it is as good as they say it is.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and now we are back in the real world.  But while it lasted, it was amazing.