Been off work for a week and a half now.  The first day back is always hard.  Had a great trip to Canada.  Ankhjii and I got to spend some quality time in the homeland.  Spent a lot of time with family which was real nice.  The trip started off with my sister’s wedding.  That was quite a bit of work to get everything together, but it turned out real nice.  After the wedding she and her new husband were off to Disney, which sounds super fun….right up their alley!  Ankhjii and I got to hang out with some friends we hardly get to see which was great fun.  Then it was off to Niagara Falls which Ankhjii had never seen.  We really enjoyed that, but did so much walking we were beat.  Finally we were off to Toronto.  We did a fair bit of sight seeing and some shopping.  Then it was back to the hotel to relax and unwind.  It was a great trip, came home broke, tired, and happy!