It seems yesterday, just after Rev. Voodoo spent about 2 hours upgrading WordPress to it’s newest release, v2.9, we were hit pretty hard by another hack.  So, if you see anything strange going on around the Empire, or if something doesn’t work quite right.  We are probably working on it.  Feel free to drop us a line and let us know exactly what is wrong.  This site, and the main Voodoo Empire site are currently totally clean.  It’ll take a little bit to get everything all cleaned up though.  Luckily this time, the offending rogue php file was not well hidden, so the source has been deleted….now its just a matter of cleaning up the damage.  It seems that this may be something going around with people hosted at Godaddy.  We’ve talked to several people who were hit pretty hard.  It may be an issue on their end, or it may be a coincidence.  Regardless, they won’t be helping any.