Well, this indoor trainer thing must be working out for me a little. I recently posted about hitting a PR on the indoor trainer watching Sufferfest videos. Exactly one week later and I did it again! This wasn’t an hour and a half ride like last time, but it was nearly an hour. And over that time I managed to wrap up with a 19.14 mph average speed. When I started on the trainer back in November, my average was in the low 17s, which was right around my outdoor road speed. I never even thought I’d have a ride with that kind of average! I actually can’t wait to see how much more improvement I can make over the coming months, but I’m really excited to see if/how this translates to riding back on the road. I’m under no illusion that I will be running 19+ outdoors, but if I can be over 18 as a normal speed, that would be amazing. 18 mph rides used to be the exception, I think I had maybe 4 rides over 18 last season.

Anybody else out there getting some hardcore offseason training in? What are you doing and how’s it going for you?