I’ve been hoping to see this video for a while, since I can barely concentrate during actual competitions due to nerves!! Here is a great video from The Natural Olympia, it’s the top 5 women from the professional Ms. Figure class. You can see Ankhjii’s happening first in the video – but go ahead and watch all 5 and compare. She is relatively new to the sport, so I don’t have a lot of experience and knowledge to base my comparison on. She learned what a T walk was with the generous help and instruction from Ryan Rollison in just one session. But it turns out, what Ankhjii learned and then what she did with that instruction was very unique.

The classic T walk has some mandatory poses in it. Ryan had suggested to Ankhjii to add some of her own unique flourishes when she hit each mandatory pose. Well she took that advice and ran with it, creating a unique T walk and amazing stage presence. We thought that the freestyle elements she was adding in were the norm, it appears that they were not. It doesn’t seem that her style is common in the INBA/PNBA. Take a look at what Ankhjii has done and I think you can see how she won her Best Presentation awards at the Natural Olympia and Natural Universe!