Good morning everyone! I was finally able to get all of Ankhjii’s material into one printable packet. If you hit up it will bring up a nice multi-page PDF file that has the entire story from our main campaign post at as well as the sponsorship letter from the INBA/PNBA world President Denny Kakos, and the campaign poster page from GoFundMe. It’s all the information folks would need to read about Ankhjii’s story and decide if they can help us out.

We really need your help on this one. If you can think of anyone who might be able to help, please pass on this packet to them! Maybe you know a business that would help out an all natural girl who wants to represent Team USA and Toledo at the pinnacle event of the natural bodybuilding world. We are talking the Olympia folks, we really need all the help we can get so that we can make this a reality! Maybe you know a business that would help? Perhaps an organization dedicated to health and fitness like your gym? Do you know of an organization with a history of donating to worthy causes? Maybe you could just take this to work with you?

Anything you can do to help us out is very much appreciated! We will happily promote any organization that contrinutes to us in every way that we can. Thank you!