This will be my last post in this little series I’ve been running on ways to support Ankhjii on her jourmey to the 2013 Natural Universe competition. Up until now we talked about the Team YEO! shirts, financial contributions, joining us in Chicago, and maybe even helping out with a photo shoot. Let’s talk about one of the simpler, yet extremely important ways you can help her out.

All the little words of encouragement mean the world to her. Keep those up please! In person, by email, by text, on Facebook, even over on her website. We are now exactly 4 weeks away from check-in for The Natural Universe. These next 4 weeks will be extremely challenging. She is going to lift heavier, work harder, whatever she can to dial in her stage physique. A lot of you out there have a good deal of knowledge. Me personally, I know my wife spends a lot of time in the gym, and looks smokin’ hot as a result. But I don’t know much about the gym… she may be looking to change things up here and there, maybe she feels like she hit a plateau – you can offer up any tips, resources, or anything you can think of to help her out.

So whether you have any technical information to share or you just want to give her a shoutout, I’m asking that you do it, and keep on doing it for the next four weeks. All the encouragement we can muster now means the world to her, and it can carry her to that stage and to a win!!