I’m back at it in my series of posts I’m coming up with for ways to help my wife on her journey to the 2013 Natural Universe Figure Competition. We’ve talked about our Team YEO! shirts, financial donations, and actually cheering her on in person so far. For this post I’m going out on a bit of a limb here, this is an idea that popped into my head which I really haven’t run by her in detail yet… hopefully that works out in my favour! 

Among many other roles, I consider myself to be Ankhjii’s media manager. I try to help with her website and things like that. One thing I’ve noticed among a lot of competitors out there is that when you meet them, they are ready to hand you an autographed photo. This got me thinking that, depending on how far Ankhjii decides to take her competition or what path she chooses to follow, it would be quite convenient to have some sort of portfolio ready to go should she need some photos.

We have some great photos of her from The Glass Scepter which we use currently, but it would be great to have a selection of posed shots (if she likes the idea). It seems like we are coming up on the perfect time to get these photos together, I imagine right before or right after the competition while she has her physique dialed in for the stage. So that’s what I’m thinking about in this post. Any local photographers out there (we don’t have any time to really travel) with some creative ideas (we also don’t have a lot of time to think) who might want to donate their amazing photography skills (we definitely have zero money right now) to helping put together some sort of photo shoot (or shoots)? While we couldn’t afford to pay for the actual shots, we would of course take care of ordering our own prints… and we most certainly would credit the artist each and every time we used said photos.

If ayone has any ideas along these lines feel free to contact one of us. If you know of a photographer who might like to help (whom you trust), pass this along to them please!