A while back I had a big, giant, long, all-encompassing post about everything to do with Ankhjii’s upcoming Natural Universe competition. Yesterday I mentioned I would run a series of posts about all the different ways you can help her out and show some support if you so desire! We figure it’s just over a month away, and we could use any and all support you can offer – every little thing helps out so much!

The first post I’m going to make is about the Team YEO! shirts – these take a little while to get so this post is the most time sensitive. You can check the shirts out in The Voodoo Empire Shop. Or, you can head directly to Zazzle to see about ordering your own! The shirt is extremely cool just the way it is – that amazing print by our friend Nick on a raspberry American Apparel shirt. You can order it up just the way it is or you can completely customize it! You can just change the colour of the shirt or you can use a totally different shirt, they offer inexpensive shirts, hoodies, etc. Heck, you can even put the design on a totally different product – stickers, mugs, etc.

We don’t have it set up to make much money on these shirts, but that isn’t the point. You could wear the shirt to one of Ankhjii’s competitions if you can ever join us, or you can just wear it around time. Just knowing that people want to wear a shirt with her likeness on it really gives Ankhjii an extra boost of confidence! If you get one, you should totally post a picture of yourself wearing it on Facebook, we’d love to see that!