This is the second post in my little series of ways we can help Ankhjii reach her next goal – competing at the 2013 Natural Universe. A while ago I had a nice, long post with all the details. Now I am doing a little series of one topic posts. Yesterday I posted about the Team YEO! shirts we have available, I’m happy to say that a few more were purchased since that post. That is so incredibly cool!

Today seems like a fitting day to mention that you can donate to Ankhjii if you would like. Last competition we received so much financial support and it was truly humbling. We are now less than five weeks away from the competition and things are getting quite crazy! Ankhjii has paid for her federation membership now,  she recently arranged for her competition tanning (which is completely separate from normal day-to-day tanning), and we made another very large supplement order. Today we are running out to pick up a couple more supplements. Along with the above costs are so many more things, actual contest entry, drug testing, backstage fees for makeup/hair, backstage fees for me, extremely large grocery bills in the last month, the list could go on!!

Obviously any donation helps us financially and we are extremely grateful for that. But another thing that these donation do are keeping Ankhjii feeling accountable to someone besides us. There is a certain motivation in that, she feels like she has to perform even better because other people have invested in her. You become part of Team Yeo and she feels accountable to you – she doesn’t want to let someone down who has had such high confidence in her ability that they were willing to hell out their hard earned cash!

Not everyone can donate to us financially, we understand that of course! Hopefully you’ll stay tuned throughout this series of posts – there are many ways you can help us on the road to The Natural Universe. We really want you all to know that we are continually honoured by every little thing that anyone does to help make this journey possible!

For anyone who would like to donate, this is the Donation Link: