I’m focusing on a week of posts highlighting the variety of ways you could help Ankhjii reach her goal of taking the stage at the 2013 Natural Universe in the best shape of her life. So far I’ve made one long post with everything I could think of. Then I started with smaller, more focused posts about the Team YEO! shirts, and her donation link if you wanted to help financially. Today I’m going to give the actual show details again in case you would like to actually join us in Chicago!!

The event is on August 31st, which is a Saturday. It is a long weekend for many of you since it is Labour Day weekend. The show is only one day, it wouldn’t take up your whole weekend. Heck, it is done early enough that you could join us during the day and still enjoy what Chi-town has to offer on a Saturday night. I’ve heard rumours of a music festival that weekend, but there is always a lot to do in that town. Joe and Charisse live in Chicago so we will definitely get to see them up there. Ankhjii’s hair and makeup expert Kelly will be joining us up there for part of the weekend. If you’ve been considering heading up to Chicago, this might be the perfect reason for you to go! Here are the details of the actual event!

The show will take place at the Guerin College Prep High School which is located at 8001 Belmont Avenue, River Grove, IL 60171.

The prejudging takes place at 10am and the cost for that is $20.

I don’t actually know how many people from each category make it into the finals, but I have full confidence Ankhjii will make it.

The finals begin at 5pm and the cost for that is $35 regular and $45 VIP – unfortunately I do not know what VIP is.

An all day pass if you intend to go to the prejudging and the finals runs $60. Finally a backstage pass costs an additional $10.

You can pay for any of these costs the day of the show. I have 2 different information sources and the prices seem to conflict between the two… I’d have a few extra bucks onhand just in case. I’ll be buying full VIP/backstage passes for myself and Kelly (so she can do Ankihjii’s hair and makeup) and I was under the impression that would cost $75 each – that is what I will plan on it costing.

The show is a bit unique and I don’t fully understand the timeline/logistics. I do know that whomever wins the overall amateur figure competition can then join as a pro and compete as a pro – that could make for a very crazy night!

So there are all the details for the competition as best I understand them! If you have been considering a trip to Chicago, this seems like the perfect excuse to do it! You can join us Saturday evening to support Ankhjii onstage and have the rest of the long weekend available for a crazy good time!