I’m sure most of you are already aware, but the Toledo Glass Scepter bodybuilding and figure competition was this past Saturday. Ankhjii put in a tonne of hard work, and many of you helped support her on her journey to this point. This year was the biggest year they have had at the Scepter in terms of number of women competing. Here’s how the categories worked, in case you were wondering exactly what she won. The competitors get divided up by age, height, and experience. There is novice, for girls who have not won a competition previously, and open which is for any experience level. There is short, medium, and tall for height, and there is also sub-masters, and masters for age. Ankhjii signed up for novice, as she has never competed at all before. She also competed in the open competition.

She first won the Figure Women’s Short Novice trophy. There was a winner for each height class within each age group in the novice division. Each of the winners of their class competed for the overall figure novice award. Ankhjii was the winner of that competition taking the title for Women’s Figure Novice Overall.

The open division was broken up similarly by height and age. The difference here was that women with any amount of experience were allowed to compete. Once again Ankhjii won her class taking the Women’s Figure Short Open trophy. Again, all of the winners for the height and age classes took the stage for the overall competition and Ankhjii won the Women’s Figure Open Overall award, which is the essentially winning the entire competition – the culmination of the entire event. She was presented with the glass scepter for which the competition is named.

She worked so very hard in the months leading up to this moment that I was quite certain she would be coming home with some awards. All of the women train very hard for this so there was no way to know that Ankhjii was going to win it all. There were a lot of winners up on that stage and you could definitely see the hard work and dedication. I’m very proud of my wife for everything she put into this. She set out to be the best she could be and poured everything she had into it. The result of that hard work is that we have to figure out where to put all of her trophies now!! I have a set of pictures here on my Flickr. I’ll have a bunch more up there as soon as we get them.

EDIT: We’ve gotten a bunch more photos which can be found here.

Good job to my Babydoll – you did it!!