A few days back, Ankhjii posted on Facebook that she will be doing another figure competition at the 2013 Natural Olympia. This is the pinnacle event of the Natural Bodybuilding world. It will be an extremely difficult challenge. She will need to take that stage in better shape than she has been in for her past 2 events – this is the Olympia, she needs to be the best she has ever been! But the logistics and cost are going to be extremely difficult and we need your help more than ever.

Let’s recap what has gone down this year and take a little preview of what is needed:

In April, Ankhjii competed locally at the Toledo Glass Scepter. We needed to raise around $600 for this event. All of our friends were very generous and helped us to meet our goal. Ankhjii was able to sweep at this show winning not only her first novice class; but then to move forward and win the open overall championship!

At the end of August, Ankhjii competed internationally at the 2013 Natural Universe. This was a giant leap up from her first show. We needed to raise over $1000 for this event. Once again everyone was extremely generous and we were able to meet our goals. Ankhjii was able to, once again, win at this event taking the open overall title! At this event she also won her pro qualification (pro card) and was invited to attend the Olympia.

That brings us to the Olympia. This event takes place at the beginning of November. This show is nothing like the other two shows. This is a four day event in San Diego and it will be huge. Ankhjii will be competing twice – essentially this will be like two entire competitions. She is still able to compete as an amateur – she will be allowed to do so until she wins and accepts and cash as a professional level athlete. Since she won her pro qualification, she can also compete as a pro.

This may be her last amateur competition, and it will be her first pro level competition.

The event lasts four days, November 7 – 10. They literally expect something like 1000 athletes here. There will be champions from across the globe that Ankhjii will be competing against at the pro level.

Soon, we will be asking for support again. This competition is easily going to cost in the neighbourhood of $3000. The entry fees alone for this will be near $1000, don’t forget hotels, transportation, food, supplements, flight, etc. We have so much to figure out!!

I think we will do this one a little differently. I’m going to set up a crowdfunding site very soon. Maybe you can help financially, and that will be amazing. But we will be looking for corporate sponsors soon as well. Ankhjii will be getting a sponsorship letter from the INBA/PNBA to show that her request is legit. I will set up a post here on my site that will have all the links and info, some pictures, that letter, etc. I hope that we can count on you to get the word out. This is going to take  lot of work and a lot of money. We desperately need all of the help we can get! When I set up that crowdfunding site, and the post here, I will detail out all of the expenses so that everyone knows exactly where the money goes. We definitely want to be honest and transparent when asking for people to donate their hard earned money!

Please start thinking now. Maybe you know a company that would help? Maybe you have creative ideas for fundraising? We are open to anything!

That’s all for now, I just wanted to outline what was coming. I hope to have all the details together very soon. As soon as I have that sponsorship letter, we will launch this drive in earnest!

Thank you all for the support you have show us. Thank you fr helping to convince Ankhjii and I that this is the right thing to do. HERE WE GO!!!