I posted yesterday about all the considerations running through my mind when looking for my new bike. Alloy vs. Composite, level of components, etc. Here we have the first bike I was looking at, honestly, it’s the one I really originally thought I was going to be buying. The Giant Defy 1 is a great alloy bike. It’s got the slightly more upright Defy geometry that I’m looking for, geared for longer rides. There’s the composite fork designed to help on the Toledo roads a bit. It also has the Shimano 105 component set that looks like it’s the best I’m going to get in my price range.

One huge advantage of this bike is that it is easily in my price range. I could pick it up today if I wanted. The downside is that it is alloy, I’m hearing a lot of good about composite, especially noticeable when you get up into those century rides. Also, all of the cables are externally routed which I read isn’t the best thing in the world. I haven’t found one of these in stock anywhere yet to be able to test it out.

I’ll be posting five (I think) possible options over the next week. Mostly posting so I can think while I write, but I’m definitely open to any and all suggestions. I’m not an experienced road bike buyer or rider.