I’ve been trying to get back into the cycling groove. I have an awesome road bike which I love. But the seat it came with doesn’t seem to be working out for me. I imagine part of the problem is that I weigh nearly 230 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to drive down on 2 pressure points. Well, I haven’t entirely fixed the problem, but I upgraded my cycling shorts to Aero Tech Designs (ATD) Elite cycling shorts. I went on my first ride last night with these and the difference is night and day. I have several other shorts with padding and they are good, but these ATD Elite shorts aren’t even comparable. I picked mine up in grey and black with red trim, hell, now I even match my bike!!

If you are in the market for some good shorts, I definitely suggest these. The pad is pretty substantial so it might feel a bit like wearing a diaper, lol. A sexy man diaper! But when you are hitting the road for a long ride, you need function. I think these shorts look great, but it’s truly all in the function! I’m going to have to replace my seat to get things just right, but these shorts have improved my comfort a hundred times over! These are more expensive shorts (to my broke ass), coming in at nearly $80. But they are worth every penny to me. Besides the padding they are straight up comfortable, the seams are well placed, leg tape to hold them in place, and they have relective strips on the side. I won’t even be trying any other shorts from now on!