It’s been just over a week since Rev. Voodoo started working dayshift.  That’s right….dayshift…..after 12 years!  So far, I’m surviving…..but it’s pretty strange keeping these kinds of hours!  And now I’ve actually got things to do at work, which sure cuts into my design time!  But I’ll still find time for my projects!  I may have to begin doing my design work at home!  Horrors!  On that note, keep your eyes peeled for a full relaunch of the Digital Dissent website.  We are planning a full relaunch of the main webpage, to cater to a successful multimedia business design, along with a launch of the DigitalDissent blog!  It’s pretty exciting.  Watch for the launch, check in at the site from time to time to see what changes, and definitely consider them for your photo/video needs!