Well the plans are starting to roll!  Keep this date saved!  June 28th will be the 3rd annual backyard blowout thrown by Rev. Voodoo, DJ Odawa and the Empire High Priestess, Ankhjii.  These things are always a blast so make sure you come out!  Bring food for the grill, liquor, records, whatever!

The party goes all day until whenever!  As usual, during the afternoon and up until sound ordinance….the party is family friendly.  So for those of you who have kids bring em out.  I’ll try to have somethin on hand for ‘em to do….(I’m thinkin slip and slide this year).  We go until between 10 and 11 outdoors.  After that it’s time for the kids to head home and the party (or at least the noise) to head indoors for the night!

There will be a keg on hand and donations are always appreciated.  Bring booze, we will have some mixers.  And bring food.  We always have extra but bring what ya like.  Chips, pop, sides, desserts, salads, and of course MEAT.  The grill will be open to everyone who wants to cook.

If ya have any suggestions send ‘em our way, otherwise we will see you then!