Just finished up my final ride of 2015, so I can peep my stats. It’s been a pretty good year. It’s my third year of cycling, my second on a proper road bike, and my third year of improvement. I had to get that ride in this morning because it brought my total rides for the year to exactly 200. In those 200 rides, I went a total of 4,628 miles, and my ass saw 11 days, 7 hours, and 27 minutes worth of time in the saddle. That’s painful!! My goal for the year had been 4,000 miles, so I pretty much win there! I don’t know that I’m actually gonna set a yearly goal for next year. I’m just going to ride. I want to do some quality long distance rides, back to back longer distances, ride somewhere cool, and go faster. So I think I’m just gonna let next year happen however it does… although it would be nice to get up over 5000 miles!