I’ve gotta say, I’m definitely enjoying my indoor cycling trainer. I picked up the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2 about a month ago. I’m still not extremely excited about indoor training, but I’m happy to have my season extended into the crappy weather. Cycling is one of the only exercises I can accomplish without excessive pain. Up until now, I rode when it was warm and got fat when it wasn’t, not the ideal situation. Now that I’ve gotten used to the trainer, I can pull off at least an hour each day I ride. I don’t have a meter to tell how fast I’m going so I just estimate that I’m pulling about 17mph which is on the low side when compared to my outdoor rides where I usually pull over 18mph. I’ll get a meter soon enough and have my actual stats. But thanks to the trainer, I just broke through the 3000 mile mark for this year! That’s really a lot of miles! I believe I’ll set my goal for next year to be at 3500 miles for the year!