The struggle is real! Six stages in to the ToS, and we’re finally over the halfway point. While there are 9 stages and you would logically think that halfway was in the middle of stage 5, you’d be mistaken! You see, the last two stages are horrendously imbalanced in terms of length, so it was until the latter half of stage 6 that I reached the halfway point in terms of time. You can see by the stats that all this effort is really starting to take a toll. The pain from medical conditions isn’t helping either. Not only did I drop below 18mph, but I dipped way down. I was under 17.5 for this one. No shame here, I wanted to stay at peak as long as possible, but now the name of the game is simply finishing. On to stage 7!

Here’s my stats on stage 6 for those following along:

Local Hero