Ahh… the stats were starting to slip last night in the latest stage of the ToS. This stage was Angels, a rather intense, climbing focused video. This one gets you to dig down and churn out those low cadence, big gear grinds. I have a rowing background, my legs aren’t fast at all but I still have a little strength in there – normally. That was starting to wane last night. This is normally where I shine, just put your head down, drop into the hardest gear, and churn. But I couldn’t hold that gear last night and had to ease up a little. I still kept it over 18mph, but I don’t think that will last through stage 6. I’m also running into a health issue that is trying to threaten my ability to complete the ToS, I’m trying to push through that, but the pain is getting quite extreme.

Here’s last nights stats for those following along!