Last night we completed Stage 3 of the Tos, Fight Club. This was pretty intense. First up, this was my fourth video without a day of rest which is already uncharted territory. By the time this is done, it’ll be 9 days and 12 videos which has me plenty worried. I pushed through and maintained a good overall speed. As I’ve stated before, anytime I finish with an average speed over 18mph, I feel pretty accomplished. But my heartrate was a bit low this time, which tells me I wasn’t suffering as much as I should have been. My legs just wouldn’t listen to me this time. I kept up with the cadence decently, but Fight Club is jam packed with attacks where you are expected to increase cadence 15rpm for a burst. I started out OK, but by the end, my attacks were more like 4-5rpm boosts. Stage 4 looms in the not so distant future – 9 Hammers. I’m very familiar with this ride, it will hurt. I truly hope I can keep my performance up to my own expectations!

Here’s my stats for Fight Club:

Fight Club