Just saw that official results have been posted for the 2013 Natural Universe. You can check them out up on the webpage if you like by clicking here. You can find Ankhjii on here under Figure Open heading, 7th event from the bottom. You can also see the results listed below!

Pro/Am Universe Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Championships

Chicago, IL – August 31, 2013

Pro-Men Open

* All Pro-Men Recieved Swords, PNBA Custom Gym Bags,
& Custom PNBA Six-Inch Gold Medals*

1st Place Philip Ricardo Jr. – Cash & Prizes
($4,000 Check, PNBA Black Satin Bomber Jacket,
Dr. Dre Beats Headphones *Donated by: New Dawn Nutrition*)

2nd Place Marshall Johnson
($2,000 Check)

3rd Place Meshack Ochieng
($1,000 Check)

4th Place Daren Steen
5th Place Michael Martin
6th Place Allan Powell
7th Place Chad Martin
8th Place Johnny Barnes
9th Place Brian Graf
10th Place Mark Payne
11th Place Donovan Strong
12th Place Connor LaVallie

Pro-Men Masters

1st Place Ed Castillo
($1,000 Check)

2nd Place Larry Montgomery
($500 Check)

3rd Place Tim Swanson
($300 Check)

4th Place William Sean Newsome
5th Place *Best Poser*
Paul Urciaga
6th Place Mark Borkowski
7th Place Ron Page
8th Place Joe Smith

Pro-Men Physique

1st Place Jason Hansen
2nd Place Brandon Stewart
3rd Place Eric Lipton

Pro-Men Sports Model

1st Place Craig Bitton
(PNBA Custom Black Satin Bomber Jacket)

Pro-Women Bikini Divas

1st Place Celena “Mocha” Carter
(PNBA Custom Black Satin Bomber Jacket)
2nd Place Marley Urciaga
3rd Place Cleo Brown

Pro-Women Figure

1st Place Fran Thurman

Physically Challenged Standing

1st Place Martin Enright
2nd Place Paul Hembey

Teen Bodybuilding

1st Place Nathan Eckerson

Grand Masters Men

1st Place Michael Ferenesik
2nd Place Cory Holly
3rd Palce James McNeal Jr.
4th Place Ron Page

Masters Men

1st Place *PNBA Pro-Qualifier &Overall Masters Men*
Todd Smith
2nd Place Martin Cormier
3rd Place Eric Lipton
4th Place Tyrone Ellis
5th Place Thomas Jones

Novice Men (Tall)

1st Place *Overall Novice Men*
Garrett Stoerger
2nd Place Jacob Ross
3rd Place Justin Bruch

Novice Men (Short)

1st Place Kyle Evanoff
2nd Place Tyrone Ellis
3rd Place Zachary Knippel

Open Men (Tall)

1st Place *Most Muscular*
Marcus Jefferson
2nd Place Todd Smith
3rd Place Jacob Ross

Open Men (Medium)

1st Place *Overall Open Men, Best Amateur Poser, & PNBA Pro-Qualifier*
Tyron Polk
2nd Place Martin Cormier
3rd Place Andrew Burton
4th Place Garrett Stoerger
5th Place Brett Rutherford
6th Place Ron Page

Open Men (Short)

1st Place Kodi Davis
2nd Place Mark Avey

Men Physique Novice

1st Place Craig Bitton
2nd Place Tyrone Ellis
3rd Place Chris Stafford
4th Place Justin Bruch
5th Place Eric Tyler Jr

Miss Fitness

1st Place Cleo Brown

Figure Junior Masters

1st Place Goshia Stepien
2nd Place Lyndsay Canada
3rd Place Paulette Magee
4th Place Bethaney Minker

Figure Open

1st Place *Best Presentation*
Angela Yeo
2nd Place Goshia Stepien
3rd Place Misti Sowell
4th Place Lyndsay Canada
5th Place Jessica Eng
6th Place Paulette Magee
7th Place Kisha Gougis
8th Place Bethany Minker

Figure Classic Ultra-Masters

1st Place Virginia Reddy

Figure Classic Masters

1st Place Sharice Morrison

Figure Classic Novice

1st Place Sharice Morrison

Bikini Divas Junior Masters

1st Place Jacinta Taylor

Bikini Divas Novice

1st Place Maria Martinez
2nd Place Jenina Lanzi

Bikini Divas Open

1st Place *Most Symmetrical*
Paige Russell
2nd Place Kasia Milon
3rd Place Sissy Morgan