WordPress has come up with a nifty new report this year. A fun little infographic kind of thing that automagically gets populated with stats from my websites. Check it out yourself if you are interested to see how we did this year!

It was definitely a cool year. We had a lot of new posts. Some great music up here. And our traffic wasn’t too bad. Especially considering that at the beginning of the year, I branched off The Voodoo Empire, our member info, our shop, and all my WordPress content to their own sites so that this site would be dedicated to just being my personal place to ramble and play music! We’ve always had advertising on the empire sites to try to offset our costs. We came pretty close this year, covering about 80% of our hosting and domain renewal costs. This year we’ve just moved away from adsense to try out a new advertising network. That combined with the fact that we moved away from GoDaddy to BlueHost which cut our hosting fees nearly in half, I think this year I might break even for the first time. So enough rambling, let’s see what 2012 has in store!