Wow time flies!  It’s just two weeks until the backyard bash!  Hope everyone is lookin’ forward to it.  I think it will be an amazing time.  Remember it will be starting at 2pm, and go the rest of the day.  After 10pm, we can come inside so as not to disturb the neighbours.  Now…. unlike years past, we don’t plan on being awake multiple days, so don’t plan on showing up at 3am to a full blown party.  I gotta get my beauty sleep these days.  Bring what ever you want to eat or drink.  There is always extra everything to go around, so if you forget…. no worries.  Now, here’s the big one… if anyone has any chairs they can bring, please do so.  We have plenty of space, canopy tents, a grill, etc….but we plain don’t have many chairs.  So if you can bring one or two, that’d be great.  Also, if you think you may wind up in no condition to drive home, try to plan a head a tiny bit.  Bring a pillow, or a blanket or something…. we only have 2 couches…but tonnes of carpeted floor space!  Heck if ya got a tent, we got plenty of backyard you are welcome to!  Anyway, we’ll see ya’ll on the 10th!