About Rev. Voodoo

[singlepic=29,320,240,web20,center]A fair time ago, Rev. Voodoo realized he really liked electronic music.  All types.  But Especially Tech House.  The likes of Frankie Bones, Green Velvet, etc. really spoke to the Rev.’s Industrial roots.  That’s when a good friend who goes by Joe King told the Rev. he should start to DJ.  So he did.  The Rev. styled himself on his Tech house heroes and with the help of some good friends like Joe, DJ Daddy, Darks Choir, Dennis Cox, and many others the Rev. started crankin out the Tech house sound at many house parties and local clubs.  Then the Rev. really started getting influenced by people like the Dirty Kru, Pendulum, Andy C, Dylan, and countless others.  That’s when the Rev. switched it up and started hittin them Jungle Riddims.  Although the Rev. loves all styles of electronic music still, Drum and Bass flows through his veins.