January, 2012

  1. Super Flu – Euterpeh Mix


    It’s time for another Mix of the Moment. I’m going to have to be honest with you here, even I have not listened to this mix yet! I will be listening on the drive home today. This one came in as a request, and since I trust my Empirelings, I assume this must be worth…

  2. Test Bulk Post Using ManageWP


    So I’ve had the ManageWP ad running on my site recently as part of the PressedAds network. I like to knmow what I’m advertising, so I gave it a whirl. If this post works, it will appear on all of my sites simultaneously. If that works, I’ll be writing up a quick review shortly of…

  3. Painting is Nearly Done

    We spent the weekend trashing the house to try to paint around everything. It’s looking really good! I can’t wait to get it all wrapped up, and get some pics posted. Looks like we chose some really good colours!

  4. DJ Daddy – Club Bangers


    I hope this mix comes out working right. I’m just in the middle of rewriting the entire code base for my blog. So things will start and stop, work or not. Anyway, you know DJ Daddy is one of my earliest inspirations, and an amazing dude. If not for him, I probably wouldn’t be mixing!…