The 2016 Tour of Sufferlandria Starts …. Now!


The Tour of Sufferlandria (ToS) was the indoor cycling event that got it all started for me last year. A 9 stage, 9 day indoor cycling suffer extravaganza billed as the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation. I trained for it, I rode it, and it led to me accumulating a tonne of miles over…

2015 End of Year Cycling Stats


Just finished up my final ride of 2015, so I can peep my stats. It’s been a pretty good year. It’s my third year of cycling, my second on a proper road bike, and my third year of improvement. I had to get that ride in this morning because it brought my total rides for…

One Day Ride Across Michigan – ODRAM


This past weekend I completed the ODRAM – One Day Ride Across Michigan with a couple of coworkers. The map over there shows the route for those who are curious. The mileage ended up at 148.6 miles, so it’s not my longest ride yet, but it may have been the toughest. There were so many…

Dawn Farm Ride for Recovery


I wrapped up my first organised ride of the season this past weekend. It was the Dawn Farm Ride for Recovery. This was a metric century, 100 kilometres or 62ish miles. This was the 6th annual run for this ride and it will be one I attend annually. I do a lot of my organised…

Downhill Mid-Race Backflip Badassery


I don’t normally post links to videos, but this is crazy! Downhill racing is crazy enough. Backflips on a bike is insane… like I wouldn’t even consider trying it kind of crazy. But to just throw down a backflip mid-race for shiggles? Whatever!

Get Yourself a RoadID


I have been starting to promote RoadID and then I got an email with a little extra incentive for me. First up… if you do any outdoor activity, especially if you do it alone, you just need one. It’s simple. I ride long distances outdoors a lot, and I’m normally by myself. It’s just a…

New Riding Kit Gift!


Check this out! As a gift for completing my KoS challenge, Mrs. Yeo and her parents got together and helped me to purchase new riding attire. This is the Darkside Sufferfest riding kit and it’s rather exclusive. Only one person in any city is allowed to own it. And I am the Toledo owner. It’s…