Overall Download Stats, Not Too Shabby!!


I haven’t paid much attention to our download stats lately. I decided to log on and check things out. Now I might not be a media mogul or have huge amounts of traffic or anything, but these numbers don’t look too bad. Since I started this website back in 2008, we’ve had nearly 125,000 music downloads.…

DJ Odawa – Reconstruction Volume III


I admit it, I haven’t been posting nearly enough music on here! Especially lacking is the quality music that comes out of The Voodoo Empire. Well, let’s fix that, Cyrus recently posted a mix up on his own site, djodawa.com. I thought it best to cross-pollinate a little and get some fresh earholes all up…

School’s out Forever!


Man, I’m so happy to type that! I logged on to the website last night to check out any peer reviews on my final project, went ahead and cleaned everything up, finalized things, and submitted my final project. That does it for this adventure, I just have to wait for my final grades to be…

Just Sixteen More Days


That’s right, it’s so close I can almost taste it! In sixteen days, school will be done. Three years of pure insanity! Man, I’m ready for that break. What will I do with my time after school? I don’t know yet. Lots of bike riding when the weather breaks. I’m really trying to think of…

My New Website on-my.bike


Seems like my main website would be a groovy place to mention the new website I just launched. Originally I just wanted one of the new top level domains (TLD) that came out. There are plenty, .bike, .photography, .construction, etc. I was just gonna get one like voodoo.land or something. But I don’t need any more…

Week 8 – Another Hell Week


Took a minute to scan through my workload for the week. This class has been pretty unreal in terms of reading, discussion, and assignments. We’re focusing on including special needs populations in Emergency Management this week, cool. So I look at the reading. Week Eight Reading Assignments Visit http://www.nvoad.org/ Visit http://www.fema.gov/plan/prepare/specialplans.shtm Readings available on Doc…

Halfway Through My Final Class


Well would you look at that? It’s the halfway point! I just submitted my end of the week assignment last night. I’ve been having a hell of a time lately. I’m working 30+ hours of overtime every week, working weekends, trying to see my wife when possible, taking care of errands, etc. This last class…

Simplicity – Jack be Quick


Well it’s been a minute since our last mix here on my blog. I had to share this one fo rsure. Coming at you straight out of The Voodoo Empire is a hella mix from Simplicity! Give it a listen, give it a download, get it playing loud, and get your ass moving!